Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Tooth Fairy

I can't remember if I mentioned it at the time, but about 2 years ago, Squeaky decide to test gravity, and flew from the top of a toy car face first into the metal frame of our sofa.  Cue lots of tears (from both of us), and a flying visit to the dentist, as she broke half her bottom front tooth off.  Not a lot could be done, and the tooth seemed relatively stable.  Earlier this year, it started to get wobbly, so another quick trip to the dentist, just for advice.  He said it would come out sooner rather than later, probably while eating an apple (the man clearly does not know my daughter!)

Fast forward to today. A perfectly normal day, filled with pizza, an artificial beach, and plenty of fun.  And then some wailing that her wobbly tooth hurt.  A quick peek in her mouth confirmed that the tooth was definitely on the move.  A big cuddle, some hushed adult conversation about how best to get the tooth out before bedtime, and then all of a sudden more wailing that her tooth had gone & she'd spat it out.  Cue five minutes crawling round on the floor & looking under the (new) sofa, only to find the offending tooth stuck to her t-shirt.

So now we're anticipating the arrival of the Tooth Fairy, in all her sparkly glory, and hoping that Squeaky is asleep enough to let her collect the tooth without disturbance.  (And then wondering how to hide said tooth and have a subtle conversation with the dentist as it appears the root had snapped.)  Squeaky has written a letter to accompany her tooth, and I'm lead to believe that the tooth fairy leaves a little "Well Done" card for the first tooth, as well as the customary £1 coin.

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