Thursday, 15 August 2013

Doritos Mariachi Madness

Crazy Football Fans in Cardiff
We spent our honeymoon in Mexico.  Sadly I can't share photos with you, because my camera decided that a couple of days into the holiday of a lifetime was the perfect opportunity to break down beyond any chance of repair.  My memories are strictly that, sadly.  But one of my clearest memories was heading out of the hotel for a stroll, finding ourselves a nice quiet bar & sitting down with an icy margarita, only to encounter a genuine passing Mariachi band, walking the other way up the street in full costume, with a big guy playing a tiny Vihuela Guitar, a really tiny guy with the enormous Guitaron, and some very entertaining moustaches.  Completely unexpected, and very cheerful.

And last year, when we went to see the Olympic football in Cardiff, I didn't spot a Mariachi band, but there were a lot of crazy Mexican fans, in costume, singing and having a fantastic carnival time, which made our whole experience so much more enjoyable.

With this in mind, I've been loving the new Doritos adverts with their very own Mariachi band, and their very special Mexican take on I Love Rock & Roll.  And even more than that, I'm completely jealous of the lucky folk who were at the Wireless Festival in London last month, who got to see the band performing live in a giant jukebox.  Seriously, how much fun is that? Giant dimes to choose songs, a whole field full of people feeling a little Mexican love, and getting spicy in the sunshine.  And Doritos as well, and I'm sure I don't need to tell you how addictive they are.  (If you want to send me some, I'm a Cool Original kinda gal!)

If you're still wondering what I'm talking about, take a look...

Wouldn't you just love them to turn up at your work, and start playing? I know it would brighten up our office no end!  The people I work with think I'm crazy, but we all need a little Mexican fun in our lives, and I'm sure I'm much more productive with a smile on my face.  I hope this video has made you smile too!

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  1. I love them xx can you send them round my house


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