Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Singalonga Drive-time

My car's a strange little creature. I curse it a lot of the time, it's not been the most reliable vehicle ever made, but it usually gets me from A to B, and more importantly, it's got stereo controls on the steering wheel.  I can't drive without some kind of music on in the background, though sadly I get less & less say on it these days as Squeaky tends to demand the latest Justin Fletcher cd at all times.  There's only so long I can listen to him singing assorted nursery rhymes before I want to cry.  Hopefully by the time desperation has been reached, she's fallen asleep, so it's time for my choices.

The cds in my car are an odd mix.  Don't judge me by my taste in music, please!  There's usually some 60's girl groups knocking around, Erasure's Greatest Hits, a couple of soundtracks and a really odd Spanish beach party cd that came back from Majorca. I don't understand most of it, but it sounds good with the windows down & the sun shining.  However, there's one cd that's more important to me than all the others put together.  It's a compilation that I've owned in various formats since it was first released, and I'm sure I've bought it about 4 times now, just to make sure I've got a working copy.  It's the kind of cd that if someone hadn't made, I'd've had to make myself, so many of my favourite songs in the same place.

So I fished it out of the glovebox, and tried my hardest to pick the one song that I love to drive to the most.  The song that's currently on loop in my head is one from the cd, and one of my favourites, but probably not THE best driving song.  There's one that's just made for listening to in the car.

The stereo effects on this song just work so much better in the car, you can really feel it move from side to side, even if your ears are as rubbish as mine!  And the fact it kind of encourages me to get there a little bit quicker? Well, I'm staying under the speed limit, just about!

This post was written as part of the Carcraft Sing-alongs campaign, to find the nation's favourite driving songs.

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  1. Great song choice, we have added it to the list, you can keep track here - Thanks Carcraft :)


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