Thursday, 16 May 2013

Chicago Town Hot Dog Deep Dish Pizza Review

There are certain words in our house that make people's ears prick up.  For Daddy, they include Eurovision and Curry. For me it's more likely to be Snooker & Gin.  For Squeaky, once we take the obvious TV programmes out of the equation, the two words/phrases most likely to get a reaction are Pizza and Hot Dog.  So you can imagine my response when we were asked to review Chicago Town's Deep Dish Pizzas, especially their new, limited edition Hot Dog Pizza!

It was like Christmas had come early.  I know I talk a lot about Squeaky's fussy eating habits (and it's officially recorded on her Health Visitor records, I saw them yesterday), but it's the truth. She is a real finicky creature, but her two favourite foods that aren't chocolate or ice cream are Hot Dogs & Pizza.  When I'm at my wits' end with her, they're our fall-back staples.

So, yeah.  I was sent some vouchers & off I popped to my local supermarket.  The Deep Dish pizzas are only small, they're just the right size for a Squeaky meal, but for an adult, I'd want some garlic bread or chips to go with them.  As a snack, they're great, but I'm greedy when it comes to pizza.  But it's Squeaky's dinner, and for her, they're just right.

I've had other pizzas from the Chicago Town range before, but never the Deep Dish.  I was really surprised to find that you could oven cook them, or microwave, with equally good results.  I was going to give you two photos to compare the two, but despite living in this house, with this oven, for nearly a year now, I still have my moments, and haven't quite got to grips with the fact that it's actually at the temperature it claims to be, and I slightly charred the oven cooked one.  The picture here is the second pizza, which I microwaved.

Squeaky honestly couldn't tell the difference between the two, and the fact that I can microwave them means I can have a dinner ready in a few minutes, or a replacement dinner on those joyous days where she decides she doesn't like whatever I've slaved over for her.

The reaction to the pizza, well, I will give you her honest and genuine quote "The pizza is OK to eat mummy!"  This, I believe means that the temperature was right, and that she was enjoying it.  As there weren't even crusts left to give to the birds, I suspect she really liked it.  I did have to pick off a couple of obvious bits of onion (which she decided were ham), because she didn't approve of them, but hey, that happens to us all some days.

The Hot Dog Pizza is a limited edition addition to the Deep Dish range (and I'm going to be stocking up).  The range also includes Pepperoni - my favourite, Ham and Pineapple - Daddy's favourite, Four Cheeses, Chicken Melt and Meat Combo.  Chicago Town Pizzas are available at all major supermarkets, for around £2.00 for a two pack (though you may find special offers)

Disclosure: I was provided with vouchers free of charge to purchase Deep Dish pizzas for the purposes of this review. I was not told what to write and all opinions are my own. I am not a member of any affiliate scheme, links are provided for convenience only, I will not receive reward for their use.

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