Wednesday, 4 May 2011

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

No, don't panic, nothing like that.  Just that we're off on our jollies in a couple of days time, and I'm not planning on spending my precious time on foreign soil trying to find a free wifi signal for long enough to update.

I'm slightly dreading the flight.  Princess La Squeaky refuses to sit still for 2 minutes at the moment, never mind 2 hours on our laps.  Oh dear.  I have a selection of new toys, old favourites, books & assorted junk foods to keep her occupied though, so hopefully we will survive without being lynched by the rest of the plane.

She's also got a second molar coming through.  And as a result is a) grumpy, b) off her food, c) shitting up a storm, and d) full of a horrible cough, which for some reason all seems to be related.  Poor mite.  I've got a whole branch of Boots' worth of medical shit to take with us, Calpol, Dentinox, Bepanthen, Tixylix, Snufflebabe, Teetha, you name it!

So, see you in a while folks.

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