Sunday, 1 May 2011

Cantref Easter Fun

I know Easter was last weekend now, but there's a delay in this house.

Last Monday Squeaky & I took a trip to Cantref Adventure Farm near Brecon.  It was a lovely sunny day, so we decided to have an Eastery Adventure.

The park is fairly easy to find, lots of signs from the main road, the only thing is, it's down narrow country lanes, so you've got to drive carefully and be prepared for oncoming traffic & people walking down the middle of the road.  Once that's negotiated, we were quickly & easily checked in, given a map & schedule of the day's events, and we were free to play.  We'd just missed thefirst lamb-feeding of the day, but the lambs were still in their pens, and very eager to meet people.  They were also quite keen to have a nibble of our Symbio, which Squeaky wasn't happy to share!  (For those of you concerned, she was fine nanoseconds later, when she was handed the Fruit Shoot sneaking in at the bottom of the photo there.  And for those of you concerned about the Fruit Shoot - it was a VERY hot day, I'd rather she drank fruit flavoured water than none at all.)

While we might have missed feeding the (greedy) lambs, we made sure we didn't miss out on the next event, Chinchillas' Bathtime.  We got to stroke a chinchilla, and talk to the very knowledgeable handler, before watching the chinchillas have their dust bath.  Did you know that chinchillas bathe in dust, because their fur is so thick they would be likely to catch pneumonia if they bathed in water?  They did look very nice & clean at the end of their bath, but I think I'll stick to bubbles!

After looking around the pet barn, where the chinchillas were, and petting some lovely rabbits (Vinnie was our favourite), we went outside to explore the rest of the park.  We met more tiny newborn lambs and some alpacas in the big animal barn, we watched some older boys & girls riding ponies, met a couple of crazy rheas, a goat, some big fat piggies, and then went to have a ride on the tractor.  (sorry, no photos from this bit, I forgot)  The tractor driver was really funny, and told us the names of all the animals we saw as we bounced across the fields, and we even saw a sheep that had invaded from the farm next door!  We saw horses, donkeys, water buffalo, lots of sheep and a couple of llamas.

There were lots of things for older boys & girls to do: a dry sledge, a jungle boat adventure, paddle boats, dragon climbing frame, a crazy ball cannon area, and mini tractors to drive, as well as an indoor soft play area, with a special toddler area.  Squeaky practised her new-found stair climbing skills in there, and braved the slide a couple of times before deciding to try and defy gravity climbing up the slide.  Aside from the pony rides, everything is included in the admission price, so it's a good value day out, not one of these where you're forever dipping into your purse for another 50p to go on this coin operated thing, or that ride.

We went back inside to have our lunch, though there were lots of picnic tables outside, and then went and watched Mr Ev's Easter Show. They have lots of different entertainments on through the year in the theatre area, and outside, and we saw Mr Ev's trying to steal the easter eggs, and met his bride-to-be.  Mr Ev's married Chloe the pony the same day a certain other wedding took place last week.  I haven't seen the pictures yet, but I'm assured the bride looked beautiful.  Pig racing is the next big event, and I'd love to see how that goes!

We were exhausted after all that, but just had enough energy to finish off our easter egg hunt and for Squeaky to receive her prize for getting the answers right. If it weren't for having to drive home, I would have joined her in sleeping the whole way back!

We had a lovely day, and would happily recommend Cantref to families all around the area for a fab, fun day out.  We received no payment for this review, and were genuine, paying visitors (I've got a receipt around here somewhere) - we just had such a good day out, we wanted to tell other people about it!

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