Thursday, 8 July 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Oh, dear internet, how long it has been since I last wrote to you, and how busy Squeaky has been.  Not just in terms of the multitude of groups she goes to, though that as well, my feet hardly touch the ground some weeks, so it seems.

No, in terms of figuring out the world.  Seriously, in the last couple of weeks, we've eaten vegetables every day.  She's managing to sit unaided, albeit not for long, and mostly when she's got something else to think about to distract her, otherwise she realises what she's doing and stops doing it, something like Arthur Dent flying.  AND!!  She's worked out how to roll over from back to front, and sometimes even from front to back.

This is definitely the most exciting thing.  Really, really exciting.  Or worrying, depending on your viewpoint. It means she can move around, to a certain extent, and crawling's not going to be far away.  She's also sleeping in her Big Girl Bed (i.e. the cot, without the moses basket in it any more), and coupled with her rolling skills, she's all over the cot during the night.  I can put her down at one end, and who knows where she'll be by morning, the only certainty is "not where I put her".  Even in a Gro-Bag, which I had hoped might limit the moving.

Right.  Now she's in a nappy, on my lap & nearly falling asleep. Time for pyjamas, supper & bed, I think.

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