Friday, 26 September 2014

Playground Politics

No, no. I'm not talking about the kind of playground politics of whose child has the swankiest lunchbag, the most expensive coat or the biggest poster when the week's homework is "make something about the local landmark". Nor the most party invitations, biggest car parked on the double yellow lines or who can look most like a functioning adult during the breakfast club school run.  No.  I'm talking serious school politics.

Yep, Amongst the small forest of missives we receive from Squeaky's school on a weekly basis was one that asked for parents to stand as Parent Governors.  As the school is brand new, having been formed by the merging of two other schools, they need a whole new raft of governors.  I'd already dodged the PTA bullet, I looked the other way and muttered something about not having enough time when someone walked towards me with a fixed grin and a yellow clipboard looking for names, but there was something about this... Well, it's just writing your name on a piece of paper, in your own time.  To begin with at least.  And my boss keeps on saying I should stand for election, though we can't agree on a party.

I'm not there yet, mind you.  I've put my name forward, submitted my 50 words (or less) about myself, and now we await the ballot.  A ballot.  The last time I voluntarily entered anything involving a vote, I was in school myself, and we held a mock election alongside the real thing.  And if I remember right, our school refused to submit the results to Newsround because there was a landslide victory for the Monster Raving Loony Party, and apparently we didn't treat it with the seriousness a general election deserved.  And now I'm up for actual real and proper election myself. Eeeek.

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Do you think, if I'm elected, I could call myself a governess?  I still have this hankering to feature in a days-gone-by Jolly Hockeysticks type novel. If I can't attend the Chalet School, then maybe this is the next best thing?

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