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Kellogg's Children's Cereals - Win and Review

That's right. That magic word at the top there, WIN!  You've got some reading to do first, but you could win some Kellogg's cereals for yourself, or your children.  Kellogg's got in touch with me recently and offered me the chance to try out their new range of children's cereals.  I was more than happy to help them out, partly because I'm a big kid myself.  I'm the person who, when faced with a hotel breakfast bar, bypasses the sensible stuff & reaches straight for the chocolate, sugar coated cereals, no matter what people around me might be eating.

There are 4 cereals in Kellogg's new range, all lower in sugar, high fibre, wholegrain, low in salt, and a good source of Vitamin D (a big consideration in this bad weather!)  In fact, they're so healthy that they're allowed to be advertised on children's TV, where there are strict guidelines on what is allowed to be advertised.

The 4 cereals are additions to existing brands, as you can see. Strawberry Rice Krispie Multigrain Shapes, Coco Pops Croc Prints, Honey Pops & Honey Loops.  Squeaky, Daddy & I tucked in to them all.

Not cheesy footballs
Well. When I say Squeaky, Daddy & I, I mean mostly me.  I'll be honest here.  Squeaky was very excited about the Honey Pops, as was I.  She was mostly excited because the picture on the box makes the Pops look like biscuits, which are one of her favourite things in the world.  She was a bit upset to find out that they weren't actually biscuits, but instead were crispy balls, which Daddy said looked more than a bit like those cheesy footballs you get at Christmas.  I really like them though, no matter how much they remind me of Christmas.  They're light & crispy, and stay crisp in the milk. And don't taste of cheese!

I have raised a strange child.  When the average three year old is faced with the choice of "grown-up" breakfasts, or cereals aimed at children, especially those that taste of chocolate, which do they choose?  Squeaky deigned to try each of the cereals in the range once.  And then demanded corn flakes and/or plain porridge.  I should be pleased, for the most part her dietary preferences leave something to be desired, but when she's got the chance of indulgent children's cereals, wouldn't it be great if she'd eat them?  This isn't a criticism of the cereals at all, just an observation on the oddities of my daughter.  I will bear this moment in mind in a couple of years' time when she refuses to entertain the concept of anything other than the most absurd, multicoloured, sugar-coated, chocolate-filled nonsense.

Coco Pops Croc Prints.
She tried out the Coco Pops Croc Prints, but after a few mouthfuls decided they weren't for her.  She does the same with ordinary Coco Pops, so I know it's nothing about these ones.  I really enjoyed them, they're not overwhelmingly chocolatey, and kept me feeling full well into the morning.  Squeaky ate most of a bowl of them without milk the next day, so maybe this is the way forward.  She also claimed to have found a crocodile in the bottom of her bed, which may or may not have been connected.

We did best with the Honey Loops, Squeaky ate most of a bowl, and I only had a few to finish off.  They stayed nice and crisp though, and were sweet without being sickly.  A good alternative, and the one we'd be most likely to buy again, as we both liked them.

The Rice Krispies Strawberry Multigrain Shapes were the least favourite in our house.  Squeaky, as I've said, is quite the plain cereal fan, and I'm not a fan of fruit flavours if there's no actual fruit in front of me (I blame being a child of the 1970's).  They're nice and reminiscent of strawberry milkshake, but just not quite for us.  You may well have other opinions.  We don't dislike them, but they're less of a favourite here.

Well, how do you fancy the chance to try all four of these cereals out for yourself?  It's dead easy, just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below to enter. (You might need to use a laptop/desktop, sorry mobile people)

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Good luck to you all!


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