Friday, 11 January 2013

Dashing drivers – a guide to fashion behind the wheel - Guest Post

Picture a convertible cruising along the coast in the height of summer. Apart from the car and the sunshine, there’s another all-important ingredient to this picture – style.

If Bonnie and Clyde had been sloppily dressed in hoodies and caps, they wouldn’t have achieved their status as motoring fashionistas. If we look to these icons of road-trip style for inspiration, we’ll find some top tips for looking fly when you’re on the road.

It’s all about head-wearBonnie’s beret and Clyde’s fedora offer the first and most important tip to driving fashion. Get yourself a hat. When driving, our heads are the most visible and noticeable thing in the whole vehicle, so if you want to look the part, invest in a hat.
Not only does this add instantly recognisable style to your driving look, but it can also cut your ‘getting ready’ time in half. If you’re just picking the kids up on the school run, you won’t want to spend half an hour doing your hair. Just chuck a ‘Bonnie beret’ on, or a baseball cap if that’s more your style, and you’re fit to go.

SunglassesHats are only the tip of the iceberg. With your ever-visible head there are plenty more opportunities to look cool when you’re driving. Another great accessory in the world of car fashion is your sunglasses. The great thing about driving is that it gives you a chance to don your sunnies even in winter, making those bright, crisp days feel like a summer morning. Car sunglasses can be cheap and cheerful as no one’s going to see you up close. There’s also the heightened chance that you or your children will sit on them, so don’t break the bank.

However, if you really want to do the job properly then get a pair of polarised sunglasses, which help cut down on glare from the road and other cars’ windscreens, making your drive safer and more pleasant.

Time to get creative. If you’re driving alone, you’ve got the luxury of not being picked on by your friends for wearing something a bit out of character, so have fun! Wear a neckerchief or even a cravat – who’s going to laugh at you? Drive time is the perfect opportunity to express your inner-Parisian without fear of reprisal. A nice silk scarf can make those tedious long drives feel like a luxury.

MakeupGet creative with your makeup. Shock red lipstick makes you stand out from other motorists instantly. Just don’t blame us if it stops traffic!   

The hidden halfAnother great thing about car fashion is that nobody can see below the windows! This means comfort all the way. Your head and shoulders can look fit for an evening in Milan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear pyjama bottoms if they’re more comfortable for you!

On long journeys or trips where you’re just playing taxi for the kids, treat yourself to some in-car comfort. Tracksuit bottoms, comfy trainers and woolly socks are the order of the day. Just make sure you don’t end up stopping off for dinner looking like the top half of Sienna Miller glued onto the bottom half of Vicky Pollard.

It’s about fun!Dressing for driving should be easy and enjoyable. You get a fleeting glance to create a stylish impression, so high impact and low finesse is an easy and fun rule of thumb. Enjoy!

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