Friday, 21 December 2012

A Fair & Merry Christmas

Just a quick message this one, while the shops are still open before Christmas.  I know this is the season of giving & goodwill to all, but do me a little favour?  Think about where your Christmas comes from, and if you can make one little change, do one little thing to make someone else's Christmas & New Year a bit brighter, do it.  FairTrade is a very easy way to make a difference in people's lives, by choosing fruits, coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, or even clothing that carry the FairTrade logo, you know that a fair price has been paid for produce.  How good will your Chrismas cuppa taste knowing that?

Here's a little message from some of Fair Trade's farmers, just for you...

I've been a FairTrade supported for a very long time, and have bent people's ears about certain products for as long as I can remember, because they really are very very good.  FairTrade products are available in all the major supermarkets, and don't add any great cost to your weekly shopping bill, and you get an extra warm & fuzzy feeling that you've done something for someone else.  Go on.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but one for something I believe in.

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