Thursday, 10 November 2011

Justin Fletcher - Hands Up! The Single

No. Really. It's NOT a cover of the Ottawan song.  Though that would have been entertaining.

Justin Fletcher, star of pretty much EVerything on CBeebies releases his single Hands Up on 20 November.

Take a look. 

I sat Squeaky on my lap this morning to watch it, and she's hooked.  As soon as it finished, she was demanding "more".

Come on people.  Wouldn't it be even better than Rage Against The Machine if we could get Justin to number 1 for Christmas, keeping the X Factor off?  Children's tv's done it before... Mr Blobby and Bob The Builder were Christmas number 1s, so why on earth not Justin?  You'll be able to download the single from amazon or itunes from 20 November, and here's the facebook page for the single.

Do it people. Let's mess with Simon Cowell's master plan.  JUSTIN FOR CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONE.  I'm starting a campaign. Are you with me?

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  1. Haha I remember that song..."Hands up, Baby hands up, Give me your love, Gimme gimmee your love!!"

  2. Oh man, if it was anyone but Justin... I can't. If it was Sid and Andy rapping about the number four then I'd be all over it. :)


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