Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Kissy Kissy

We're all about the milestones right now.

As well as crawling, Squeaky's figured out in recent days how to pull herself up to standing holding on to someone's hands, to push herself to standing if she finds something appropriate to lean on, to "walk" a couple of steps between me & SqueakyDaddy if we're supporting her under the arms.  And to kiss.  For certain values of the word, obviously.  It's actually just this kind of open-mouthed rub thing, but it's ADORABLE.  Less so when it's applied to your ear, with occasional added tongue, but still fairly adorable.  She was kissing one of her friends at breastfeeding group yesterday, so I'm convinced it's real.

And I'm half sure I just heard a Dada amongst the Baba and Gaga babbling.  We'll see if she can manage it this evening.  Normally when I ask her if she can say Dada she blows a raspberry, which is accurate if not quite what I was aiming for.

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