Wednesday, 23 November 2011

DDH - the journey continues

If you remember way, way back in October last year, after a selection of typical NHS cock-ups, we got to see the paediatric orthopaedic specialist, way down in the Vale of Glam, who said that after worrying, fretting & double-nappying, Squeaky's hips were "just within the normal range", but that they'd send us another appointment for 6 months time to check again once she was walking.  6 months came and went.  No surprises in the tale of missed dates that this whole saga has been, and to be honest I was torn between harassing the doctor to find out what was going on & shrugging it off thinking they'd said things were ok.

And then last week we got one of those letters addressed to "THE PARENTS/GUARDIANS OF MISS SQUEAKY BABY" in big capital letters.  Telling me to phone Llandough & make an appointment to see the orthopod for a follow-up. 6 months has become 14.  I umm & ahh for a week, forget to phone them because the appointment line is only open silly hours & eventually get round to making an appointment for 15 December.  Happy freakin Christmas.

I know in my rational brain that all will be well, she doesn't appear to have any issues with walking.  Part of me doesn't even want to bother going.  But I know I'd never forgive myself if something wasn't picked up.  So now we have another round of me fussing, fretting and generally getting into a state, a trip to Lovely Old Out-Of-The-Way hospital, and a trip to somewhere nice on the way home as a reward.  Hobbycraft? Ikea? The drive-thru Starbucks?  All of the above?  Who knows.


  1. have sent an award your way and blogging fun too

  2. She's no doubt fine, but you're right to get it checked out once and for all. Annoying that the docs couldn't do it now she's walking properly though.


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